We don't do things Differently, We just do them how They should be done in Perfection

„Excellence is not an empty word, it is the meaning, which brings the best Exhibition Solutions for You, our dear client. We believe that excellence is the only way, how it should be done!“

Exponex Japan GK was created by the team of exhibition professionals, who have various experiences from EUROPEAN, US and ASIAN markets. Thanks to this experience we know what it takes to bring projects to life and very well understand the needs of each client from different regions. Our main goal and ambition is to provide an exhibition booth in a way, how it should be done – with the best possible taylor-made communication, quality of production and management skills. Fully integrated local production is able to realize not only custom-made stands, but also events of any kind, scenic equipment and decoration, museum installations. Professional lighting options and furniture rental is a part of full service as well. We are not afraid to bring our vision and original solutions to you.

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We provide

  • Carpentry production
  • Metalwork production
  • Electrician production specialized in rental of standard equipment and the production of atypical custom-made lights
  • Printing production – from large format printing, 3D printers to plastic forming and processing
  • Company specialized in custom surfaces, sculpture and film production.

All of these companies form an essential part of the production process, therefore we have a unique control over the entire process of interior / exhibition / product delivery from preparation, project documentation through production to delivery on site or installation assembly.

We opened several offices around the world over time to be closer to our clients. Over all, EXPONEX Group has been represented on 4 continents. Our offices lie in London, Dallas, Winterthur, Prague, Brno, Dubai and Tokyo.

We care about our green future

Our company has been dedicated to construction of trade fair expositions since the very beginning. We are fully aware that our branch has huge impact upon the environment. We have to use lot of materials like wood, glass, metal or various plastic elements while constructing exhibition stands. We do our best to become a company heading towards the environmental responsibility. Internal program has been created, which clearly defines, how to achieve the determined goals.

Together we can make a change!

Here are our principles in terms of sustainability:

  • Implementation of all the environmentally beneficial processes according to specialised directives.
  • Employees training on regular basis.
  • Detailed production processes documentation and continuous effort to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Usage of certified wood by certified wood suppliers in realization of our contracts.
  • Designing, improving and production on construction elements that can be used repeatedly.
  • Recycling and other environmental utilization of used materials.

People and Contacts

What connects us: mutual cooperation on projects - we are a close-knit team, not a group of individuals.

What we are building on: experience and references of our people.

[email protected]
+420 724 081 347 mobile
+81 50 5444 5966 phone

[email protected]
+420 725 249 470 mobile
+81 50 5444 5966 phone